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Interview with Nikos Varlas (25.05.2017)

We interviewed Nikos Varlas from Eurohoops. We just asked about topics on the agenda, Euroleague and Greek’s secret of success. Thanks to him for this interview.


E.Y : Emrah Yılmaz

N.V : Nikos Varlas


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E.Y : You are the one ”go-to guy” about Greek Basketball. How did you made it? Whats your suggestions for youngers?

N.V :

I’m not regarding myself like that. I’m just a Pro Journalist who tries to do his job in a right way. There are not secrets in this job. The work ethic level, who much you love your work and what you are ready to sacrifice in your personal life matters. As for us, the project is huge and very hard to deal with. We have 6 editions and the last months the turkish one oftenly surpasses the greek or the global one. That makes me happy and proud for up to 20 journalists that working with us.
Its not about Greece. Its a global project and our parthership with Euroleague proves that. Now the Euroleague is one league for real we have to push more people feel the league as the big and most important league in europe, higher than the domestic leagues.
E.Y : Euroleague system changed last season. What do you think about that? Should continue?
N.V : More than good. We already now that. The new format brought to the clubs a 50% distribution of their incomes and this is huge. Everybody playing everybody that engages people more and the most important adds much bigger value to Euroleague TV Rights. I believe that not only they have to continue like that but i would prefer to see 20 teams in the Euroleague in near future with more open spots for teams that don’t have 10 years contract (only 11 teams have)
E.Y : I want you ask you about Greek players success. As you know Fenerbahce wins the Euroleague but Turkish media criticize about ”There is no turkish on the team.” But Olympiacos made the Final with Greek players on the important roles. How can Greeks manage that very good?

N.V : This is true but it’s not Fener’s fault. Are we have Turkish Players who are the best in Euroleague level? Very few. That takes time and good program. My opinion is that the European FIBA championship 1987 put basketball in Greeks blood and what we see now is the continuation

Papaloukas, Diamantidis, Spanoulis and many more got inspired by Nikos Galis, Panagiotis Giannakis etc. Even the Greek Freak has raised by wathching the guys i mentioned. If Turkey keeps having success in club levels and in Fiba level, you will see many kids in Turkey going to courts to play bball. Then its a matter of knowledge and system. One secret? Don’t give to Turkish players so much money before the win Euroleagues and medals with National Team. This is not clever to me.
E.Y : Do you think club coaches are important for domestic players improvements? Greek basketball was shined with Zoc and Duda last years. Whats changed?
N.V : Of course its very important. Good coaches make good players and the opossite. But in young ages to have a specialist on developing players is very important. Its true that two Serbs brought ideas to Greek basketball but we have our coaches school. Bartzokas has won the Euroleague, Itoudis the same, Sfairopoulos has played in 2 finals and they are all young.
E.Y : I want to ask you about this Euroleague season too. Do you have any disappointments or impress this year? Coach,Team and player.
N.V : In sports like life anything can happens. Success and failure are stages you have to deal with and experience. I could say Maccabi was a dissapointment, Saras was the coach with the biggest impact if we see his roster in Zalgiris and Udoh is the player i will remember from that season. His performances in f4 and specially in the Final-Four is the most dominant performance i have ever seen in a Final-Four a big guy at least the last 20 years.
E.Y : And final question is about Final-Four of course. I know you were İstanbul for Final-Four. What do you think about Final-Four generally?
N.V : For me Fener is a solid example on how you will reach the top. They trusted the most succesfull coach they didn’t make ANY change after the loss at Berlin and they managed to win the NBA in cases like Udoh. They reached the best possible momentum when it matters and they win it fair.
I really don’t know what Cska missing in all final fours they have failed. Maybe they are the most stressed team when they go there but from another fair prespective they are the nonly team to lose ONLY ONE F4 from 2003! Consistenency is very important in sports, as in life. I don’t think that Real failed. You cannot win the Euroleague every season only team that has no reasonable success is Olympiacos with small budget compared to others they have 2 trophies and 2 finals in the last 5 years.

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