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Lakers hold team meeting instead of practice to air issues

Frustrated with losing, team roles and the uncertainty that next summer holds for the franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers held a team meeting to air out their issues.

Lakers coach Luke Walton, who was peppered with questions about the team meeting before the game, said a big reason for the meeting was to do something productive during practice with so many Lakers players injured.

“It was a long meeting, we talked about a lot of stuff,” Walton said. “It wasn’t like we had a schedule printed out about how we were going to talk about everything. It went different places and everything was open… we were in there for a while.”

With team president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka operating the team with an eye toward next summer’s free agency and beyond, some of the current Lakers on the roster are playing under a cloud of uncertainty regarding their futures. Randle and Jordan Clarkson have often been mentioned as players whose contracts will be impacted if the Lakers need to accommodate two free-agent stars.

“Everyone knows what is going on with the salary-cap situation next season and all that,” Bogut explained. “That is just distractions that we can’t let affect us. That is part of the league, the business decisions that front offices and coaches make. So if that is distracting guys, that is going to be like that your whole career. That is just the nature of this league.”

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